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Monday, July 6, 2009
Since today is such a boring day , I'm gonna type something up from an awesome book i read. It sent good shivers down my spine.

Hi Holly , I hope you're having a wonderful holiday.You're looking beautiful in that bikini, by the way!I hope i picked the right place for you,it's the place you and I almost went for our honeymoon , remember? Well , I'm glad you got to see it in the end... Apparently , if you stand at the very end of the beach near the rocks across from the hotel , look around the corner to the left , you'll see a lighthouse.I'm told that's where the dolphins gather..not many people know that.i know you love dolphins..tell them i said hi... PS i love you,Holly

With shaking hands , Holly put the card back into the envelope . secured it safely in a pocket of her bag.She felt Gerry's eyes on her as she stood up and quickly rolled up the beach towel.She felt he was here with her.She quickly ran to the end of the beach, which suddenly stopped because of a cliff.She put her trainers on and began to climb the rocks so she could see around the corner.
And there it was.
Exactly where Gerry described it , the lighthouse sat high on the cliff , bright white as through it were some sort of torch to heaven.Holly carefully climbed over the rocks and made her way around the little cove.She was on her own now.It was completely private.and then she heard noises.The squeaks of dolphins playing near the shore away from the view off all the tourists on the beaches beside it.Holly collapsed on the sand to watch them play and listen to them to talk to one another.
Gerry sat beside her.
He may even have held her hand.

Familiar? It's from P/s I Love You. I'm gonna continue the section from above.

There she was.
He smiled as he saw her , her back towards him , hugging her knees to her chest , her face in her arms.He slowly made his way down the sand , around the little cove ,the dolphins becoming more visible as he went nearer to her. She smiled as the wind went passed her auburn hair , and Gerry sat down next to her, still in awe of the beauty of this spot. He looked at her , and softly placed his hand into hers , and gave it a gentle squeeze. Holly laid her head on his shoulder , and he just closed his eyes , smiling as he was still holding her hand , enjoying what he missed.

Lots of Love,


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